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Drugs Quality

  • What actually is a generic drug?
    Generic medicine is the replica of branded counterpart. These drugs also contain the similar active ingredients as found in the branded versions and in the similar amount. This is the reason why generic medicines tend to be as effective as the branded versions in terms of strength, quality, use and safety. The only dissimilarity, which is also a good thing, is the fact that generic medicines come at cheap rates.
  • Can I entrust on the quality of generic drug?
    At, we guarantee you for quality generic drugs only at the best price. We provide generic medications that have FDA approved active ingredients as found in branded ones. Therefore, put all your worries aside when it comes to quality and efficacy of drugs sold at our pharmacy.
  • Are these medications effective?
    Since the FDA approves all the active ingredients used in these medications, the effectiveness is unquestionable.
  • Why do you sell these drugs at such low price?
    The primary reason why these drugs come at cheap rates is that the manufacturers do not incur the costs for development and research, marketing campaigns, promotion expenses, etc. unlike the makers of branded versions. Thereby, you get generic medications at cheap rates.
  • Why generic medicines appear different compared to the branded versions?
    Both branded and generic versions contain several inactive elements in them such as dyes, fillers and preservatives that play a pivotal role in determining the size, shape and color of drugs. This is the reason why generic medicines appear a bit different than the branded ones.

Order and Cancellation

  • How should I order from the site?
    Pick the medication that you intend to purchase from the respective category, sign up with and make the payment. It is indeed an easy thing to order.
  • What next after I place the order?
    After placing your order, we will notify you regarding order confirmation via e-mail along with shipping and other details.
  • How do I track my order?
    Yes, you can track your delivery and order status. For this, you ought to contact our customer support team. We also send an e-mail to our customers regarding the order and tracking details for our customers.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    For order cancellation, you need to get in touch with your customer support team via email or phone within a day or 24 hours of placing the order. Order cancelation request would be denied if already being dispatched for shipment.


  • How should I pay for my drug?
    Making payment at is very easy and swift. You have the option to pay through Credit Card, Wire Transfer or eCheck facility.
  • Can I share my credit card details here? Is it safe to do so?
    Yes, it is safe to share your credit card details at, as we guarantee full confidentiality of all the details that you share with us. We do not share your details with any third party. Besides, the site is developed keeping in mind all the safety aspects thus, be assured when shopping at
  • Is there any hidden charge?
    No, there is no such thing as hidden charge when shopping at, as we believe in maintaining complete transparency in all the transactions. We stride on fair standard business principles only.
  • What is the currency type you accept for payment?
    We charge in U.S. Dollars only.
  • Is there any sales tax?
    No, there is no sales tax on generic drugs sold at


  • When is the expected delivery time?
    The delivery of drug depends mainly on the shipment mode you opted for. Average delivery will take about 15 to 20 days.
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes, we do ship worldwide. However, we request every customer to provide us with accurate shipping details.
  • What if the order arrives in damaged or spoiled condition?
    In such an event, we advise you to avoid unpacking the product package. Click a few pictures of the package and email them to us. If we find it satisfactory and true to your claim, we reship the order without extra charge. The process might take in a few days and thus, we request you to stay patient.
  • What if the order is delivered at wrong address or lost?
    If the order is lost during shipment, we will reship it for free. However, if you have provided wrong address, then will not be accountable for the loss.
  • What if do not get the delivery within the expected time?
    In such a scenario, we suggest all our customers to be patient and try to track their order status online. Apart from this, you may even get in touch with our customer support department for any further help.


  • Is there any kind of custom law or regulation of purchasing generic medications from an online pharmacy?
    No, there is no custom regulation or law as such when purchasing generic medications from online pharmacies. You can confirm this by browsing through the Customs department website pertaining to your specific location (city, state). Though there are a few exceptions, such cases are very rare.


  • Who manufacture’s these medicines and where?
    We get all our generic medications from renowned and popular pharmaceutical firms such as Ranbaxy, Dr. Reddy’s, Cipla, Ajanta and more having their manufacturing plants or centers in India. Every medication that we sell is checked as well as tested before selling it out to customers.
  • Do you provide discounts on shipping?
    Yes, we do. At, you can avail discounts on a periodic basis and save good amount of money. So keep checking in!
  • When do you ship the order?
    We ship your order immediately after you place and confirm the order successfully. This may take a couple of days.
  • NOTE: We request our customers to skim through our shipping policy to get accustomed with our conditions and terms related to shipment of the drugs.


  • I didn’t receive my order, can I opt for refund?
    Yes, you have the liberty to opt for refund in case you didn’t receive the order delivery within the stipulated time. However, for this, you need to get in touch with our customer support team to claim for refund.
  • I didn’t receive the order yet, can I get a refund?
    Yes, you can claim for refund if you have not received the order within the specified duration of time. For this, you ought to contact our customer support executives and claim for refund.
  • I received an incorrect medication that I didn’t order, can I claim for refund?
    In such an event, we will resolve the issue if the problem has occurred from our end. And, if this is the case, then we reship the order. You may even opt for refund, then.
  • Not satisfied with the drug’s effectiveness, can I opt for refund?
    We suggest our customers to receive proper consultation from their doctors prior to ordering drugs from our site.
  • The drug I received is beyond its expiry date, can I claim for refund?
    Such a case is quite rare to occur, but in case you experience such scenario, then you always can ask for refund.
  • NOTE: We also suggest you to browse through our refund policy page for acknowledging yourself with all the doubts related to refund.


  • Is there a need for prescription for ordering medicines at
    A few drugs require you to provide a prescription. Thereby, we advise you to get proper prescription from your doctor before you place the order. You can email or fax the prescription.


  • Can I annul or cancel the order?
    Yes, you can annul the order, but ensure to do it within 24-hours of placing your order
  • Can I get a refund for my money after canceling the order?
    Yes, you shall get the refund, but only if you cancel you order within 24 hours of ordering the same (terms and conditions applicable). Refund might take a few of days of time to take place.