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What does Fildena contain?

Fildena is one of many generic versions of Viagra so it contains sildenafil – the drug that belongs to a class of pharmacological agents called phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitors. Originally developed PAH, sildenafil has been found effective for men with erectile issues. The FDA approved the drug for ED 1998. However, sildenafil is now commonly used for the treatment of male impotence. Fildena may contain some inactive ingredients that may differ from Viagra.

Is Fildena as same as Viagra?

As far as efficacy and safety are concerned, yes, Fildena and Viagra are the same – thanks to their same active ingredients. Any generic sildenafil drug is just as safe and effective as the blue pill in treating ED, even if it is used at the same doses. However, some inactive ingredients may differ. Also, the pill shape, color, and size may differ. For instance, Viagra is available in blue pills, while Fildena 100 mg in purple pills. These drugs can also cause the same side effects.

Is there a difference between Fildena and Viagra?

Fildena and Viagra are the same medicine as they share the same ingredient. However, the difference is that Viagra is a brand-name drug developed by Pfizer, while Fildena is the generic name for sildenafil developed by Fortune Healthcare. Price is also one of the differentiating factors between these two drugs, with this medicine being a much cheaper drug than Viagra. Depending on the dosage, the blue pill costs around $70 per pill, while the purple pill can cost you $4 per pill.

How does Fildena work to cause an erection?

Fildena first inhibits the secretion of the enzyme PDE-5. PDE-5 is responsible for degrading cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP) in the penile organ. When PDE-5 is inhibited, the degradation of cGMP is stopped, which allows the body to secrete nitric oxide on sexual stimulation. Nitric oxide helps relax the muscles in the blood vessels, dilating the penile arteries for easy flow of blood into the erectile tissues, eventually resulting in an erection.

How long does Fildena work?

Generally, Fildena 100mg takes some time to work. It works between 30 and 60 minutes of dosage, which is why doctors advise taking the drug an hour before sexual activity. The medicine does not cause an erection in the absence of sexual stimulation. After dosage, sildenafil remains in your body for about 4 hours, which means if you are sexually aroused, you experience an erection several times in those 4 hours. However, if you experience an erection lasting for more than 2 hours, go to your nearest ER.

How should I take Fildena pills?

Check your doctor’s prescription before using generic sildenafil. Follow all instructions carefully. Fildena 100mg is ideal for most men with impotence, but if your doctor has advised generic sildenafil 50mg, you can break the 100 mg pill and take the half and another half the next time. Remember, Fildena is to be used only once in 24 hours, an hour before sexual activity. For the desired results, you must take one pill on an empty stomach, preferably without food. Avoid alcohol or grapefruits before or during the dose.

What are the common side effects of Fildena?

Like Viagra, Fildena Pills may cause mild facial flushing, indigestion or heartburn, nausea, headaches, blurry vision, and a stuffy nose. These are common side effects that often subside once the drug leaves your body. However, seek medical attention if you experience allergic reactions, such as skin rashes, or chest pain, extreme dizziness, palpitations, excessive sweating, or a prolonged erection (priapism).

Is Fildena safe?

Men should not take Fildena if they have no ED. This medication is generally safe for most men with ED but is not safe for those who are on nitrates for angina (chest pain) and on alpha-blockers for hypertension. Nitrates and alpha-blockers, in particular, are inimical in action with sildenafil, causing severe hypotension if taken together. Also, this medication is not safe for men who have a serious cardiovascular risk, like arrhythmias or heart disease. It may also not be safe for men with liver or kidney impairment.

The Bottom line

This Medicine is one of the best Viagra alternatives. It helps ED-affected men to get or keep an erection for satisfactory sexual activity. It is important to follow all instructions to use this generic version of sildenafil safely and effectively. You can switch from brand Viagra to Fildena, as it is one of the best generic sildenafil medicines. People who have sildenafil or generic sildenafil prescription can buy Fildena online, which is pretty cheap than the small blue pill.