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Privacy Policy

We have drafted our privacy policy keeping in mind the interests and better good of our customers. The goal of our privacy policy is to safeguard every personal data of each customer who shops at Below is the detailed explanation of our privacy policy:

  • No marketing calls or emails: We completely favor and value the time of all our customers. Thus, we never make unwanted/annoying marketing calls neither shoot marketing emails to our customers. The emails we sent are regarding the purchases only and nothing else. Yes, promotional emails (newsletters) are sent to people, who subscribe for the same.
  • No tampering with confidentiality: As we believe in maintaining supreme business ethics and standards, we render extra care when it comes to confidentiality. We never disclose or share your contact number, email address, credit card details, address, name, etc. to any third party whatsoever. We utilize the details provided by you only to process the order and nothing else. In addition, stay at ease when sharing your personal details with us, as the site is equipped and developed keeping in mind advanced safety features to thwart frauds.
  • Zero spamming: As we are strictly against sharing your contact details to any third party thus, you are assured for zero spamming.
  • Copyright: The logos, images, content, etc. available on the website is the sole property of and are not imitated from any other site. One requires providing a written application for using any of the logo, content or image from the website. All trademarks and copyrights are legal and any unapproved use is strictly prohibited.

NOTE: For any kind of assistance, you are free to get in touch with your customer support team.