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Is Forzest as effective as Cialis?

Typically, the FDA requires generic medicines to provide the same benefits as their brand-name drugs. It also conducts a rigorous inspection process to make sure generics undergo high-quality manufacturing processes so they can offer the same therapeutic benefits as brand-name drugs do. Forzest is just as effective as Cialis. In fact, this generic tadalafil medicine is often less than 50% price of Cialis. A single pill of Cialis 20 mg may cost you more than $12, while Forzest 20 mg is priced at less than $2. Price may vary depending on the strength and the pharmacy you choose.

How Forzest tablets work?

Forzest (tadalafil) is classified under the group of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors. It blocks the enzyme PDE5 in order to stop the degradation of another chemical called cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP). Inhibiting PDE5 and increasing cGMP enhance the effects of nitric oxide that lets more blood reach your penile organ. When Forzest is in your system and you undergo sexual stimulation, there is a release of nitric oxide, which is important to cause an erection. For Forzest pills to work, you still need to be sexually stimulated.

How do you use Forzest pills?

Forzest is available in a 20 mg potency. It comes in an oral tablet form, which can be taken as needed, but not more than once a day or two. Since this generic version of Cialis is in your system for 36 hours, you will be able to get a strong erection without planning ahead of time, meaning you can indulge in sexual activity at any time and multiple times. Forzest 20 mg should be taken 30 minutes before sex. You should not drink alcohol or grapefruit juice when you take this tadalafil-based medicine, as they may hinder the drug’s absorption.

Does Forzest have side effects?

Some of the most common adverse effects of Forzest are headaches, stuffy nose, facial flushing, myalgia (muscle pain), back pain, belching, and heartburn. Severe side effects of generic tadalafil require immediate medical attention. They include priapism (a prolonged erection that lasts more than 3 hours), vision impairment, hearing loss, low blood pressure, dizziness, chest pain, and breathlessness. These side effects are very rare. If you take Forzest for the first time and experience skin rashes, it means you could be allergic to tadalafil; see your doctor right away.

What are the drug’s interactions?

It is imperative to let your prescribing doctor know about the medications you are taking before you start taking generic tadalafil or Forzest. There are a few medications that can interact with tadalafil and have adverse effects. For instance, combining Forzest with nitrates or alpha-blockers can potentially lower your blood pressure to a potentially dangerous level. It is recommended to avoid Forzest if you take angina drugs, epilepsy drugs, antivirals, antihypertensives, HIV drugs, antifungals, other ED drugs (sildenafil or vardenafil), or certain heartburn medicines.

Who can and cannot take Forzest?

For ED, Forzest pills can only be taken by men aged 18 and above. The medicine is not suitable for some men. Do not take it if you have experienced an allergic reaction to tadalafil. Do not use Forzest tablets if you are taking medicines called nitrates, alpha-blockers, protease inhibitors, riociguat, or certain antimicrobial drugs. The medicine is not for you if you have ED but also have a serious heart or liver problem, a recent history of stroke or a heart attack, Peyronie’s disease (deformed penis), cancer, or any blood disorders.

How to get Forzest tablets?

You will need a doctor’s prescription that mentions tadalafil if you want to buy Forzest online. There are various options for how you can get this medicine. You can switch to Forzest pills if you find Cialis is expensive. You can check with your doctor and discuss whether you can switch from brand Cialis to generic tadalafil. You can consider GenericViagraKart to buy Forzest online at the best price. Your medicine will be shipped in discreet packaging right at your doorstep. GenericViagraKart offers Forzest 20 mg at $82 for 14 tablets.

The Bottom Line

Forzest is one of the most popular generic medications available for erectile dysfunction (ED) because it is as safe and effective as Cialis. ED is a common condition and it should be treated. If left untreated, it could lead to physical as well as psychological issues. Like Cialis, Forzest increases a man’s ability to achieve or sustain an erection hard and durable enough for sexual activity. Overall, users who took this medicine have experienced sexual satisfaction. You can even buy Forzest tablets online at the best price here.