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Tadalis Soft Gel Capsules

Senior aged males having sexual problems due to ED will benefit by using Tadalis Soft Gel Capsules, due to its easy dissolvability. The chief ingredient of the drug is Tadalafil which encourages increased blood supply to the male reproductive organ. On consumption, the medicine dissolves quickly resulting in faster action on the ED problem.

Ingredient: Tadalafil

Type: Soft Gel Capsule

Intake: By placing the capsule beneath the tongue.

Time Taken for Action: 10-15 minutes

Effect Lasts: 36 hours.

Quantity Strength New Customer Old Customer
Price Unit Price Price Unit Price
20 pill 20 mg $69.00 $3.45 $62.00 $3.10
50 pill 20 mg $99.00 $1.98 $89.00 $1.78
70 pill 20 mg $129.00 $1.84 $116.00 $1.66
100 pill 20 mg $179.00 $1.79 $161.00 $1.61
120 pill 20 mg $199.00 $1.66 $179.00 $1.49
150 pill 20 mg $229.00 $1.53 $206.00 $1.37
200 pill 20 mg $299.00 $1.50 $269.00 $1.35
300 pill 20 mg $369.00 $1.23 $332.00 $1.11
500 pill 20 mg $499.00 $1.00 $449.00 $0.90


  • Dosage is 20 mg for most patients.
  • It should be allowed to melt naturally, by placing it below one’s tongue.
  • The capsule should be consumed 10-15 minutes before commencement of any sexual activity.
  • Only one pill of Tadalis soft gel should be consumed in a day.


  • Men allergic to Tadalafil must not consume the drug, as it could result in some adverse reactions.
  • Taking Tadalafil causes symptoms of drowsiness and lethargy amongst users; hence after consuming the medication, one should not indulge in any heavy tasks especially where concentration is required.
  • One should refrain from using Tadalafil along with other drugs.
  • The drug is strictly meant for treating impotence among men and should not be used for any other treatment.
  • One should refrain from consuming alcohol, as it interferes with the action activity of the medicine.

Side Effects

Due to the body not being habitual to this medicine, one may experience certain side effects listed below on consumption. However, proper guidance from a doctor and consumption of regular dosages will effectively stop them:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Blurred vision

In case, any of the above symptoms persist over a long period or you experience any other serious effects, please seek medical assistance immediately.