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Malegra FXT

Malegra Fluoxetine contains 100mg Sildenafil citrate and 60mg Fluoxetine. Sildenafil citrate inhibits PDE5 enzymes and enhances cGMP molecules to relax arteries, increase blood flow to male phallus, and help the man to achieve a hard on comfortably. This pill should be taken and hour and a half before the sexual act. The Fluoxetine ingredient depresses action of serotonin (leading to early sexual climax). Hence, Fluoxetine delays ejaculation and makes a man to last longer in bed. This allows him to fight erectile dysfunction as well as enjoy a good time on bed.

Ingredient: Sildenafil + Fluoxetine

Type: Hard Pill

Intake: With Water

Time Taken for Action: 1 hour

Effect Lasts: Until Climaxing

Quantity Strength New Customer Old Customer
Price Unit Price Price Unit Price
20 pill 100/60 mg $53.00 $2.65 $48.00 $2.40
50 pill 100/60 mg $119.00 $2.38 $107.00 $2.14
70 pill 100/60 mg $159.00 $2.27 $143.00 $2.04
100 pill 100/60 mg $205.00 $2.05 $185.00 $1.85
120 pill 100/60 mg $229.00 $1.91 $206.00 $1.72
150 pill 100/60 mg $263.00 $1.75 $237.00 $1.58
200 pill 100/60 mg $309.00 $1.55 $278.00 $1.39
300 pill 100/60 mg $389.00 $1.30 $350.00 $1.17
500 pill 100/60 mg $509.00 $1.02 $458.00 $0.92


  • This medicine should be taken with water. The apt dose is Sildenafil 100 + Fluoxetine 60mg.
  • Men should not take it more than once in a day.
  • The effect of this medicine starts after one hour from consumption.
  • The action stays for the time till you climax.


  • Men who are suffering from kidney disorders, liver malfunction, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and diabetes should steer away from this medicine.
  • Only use this medicine for medical purpose, and not recreation to avoid health complications.
  • Do not consume grape fruit or juice before and after taking this medicine. This pill has adverse reaction with grapes.

Side Effects

  • Headache, vomiting, nausea, body and backache, sweating and drowsiness are few of the side effects of this medicine.
  • If you take this regularly, the side effects will not affect you.
  • In case the adversaries increase, then visit a doctor.